Facebook Ads: Avoid Under-Delivery This Holiday Season

We’re in the middle of 2017’s holiday shopping season! Every retailer’s goal: to reach the right customers, at the right time, in the right place, to secure purchases.

In a newer post detailing how to avoid under-delivery in your advertising this holiday season, Facebook included some tips, and an overview infographic on the subject.

From Facebook:

Because our advertising system is designed to show the most relevant ads to people, a lot goes into determining who sees what on Facebook. Occasionally some factors can cause your ad sets to under-deliver, leading to lost opportunities.

On their blog, Facebook has given some tips to help maximize results:

  1. Targeting

    • Audience size matters.
  2. Bid & Budget

    • Set the right bid and bid optimization tool.
  3. Creatives

    • Maintain a consistent response on your messages.

And, while not too in-depth, we think their infographic may provide some help for those advertisers struggling with under-delivery.

facebook ad underdelivery infographic

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