Meet Ida™

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Your Most Valuable Employee

Imagine you had just hired the perfect employee.

This individual could effectively engage your buyer personas, creatively communicate your company’s mission and vision, and quickly adapt to any changes your industry experiences. This employee never takes a day off and works ’round the clock 24/7. So, what’s the catch?

You’ve already hired this employee: it’s your website.

Your website allows your business to complete important tasks in an instant while storing all the data for future use. Not only does your website work day and night, but it is often the first impression of your business for potential clients and customers.

We are website personification evangelists here at New Path.

Don’t let the lofty industry speak scare you – that’s just a fancy way for us to say we believe that your website should be looked at, and looked after, as though it is a real live team member.


The only thing constant on the Web is change. Building a website that is intelligent, deliberate, and accountable helps clients continuously evolve and become digitally empowered.

Ida, which means Hardworking in old German, is the name we use to remind ourselves that websites need to be:

  • Intelligent
  • Deliberate
  • Accountable


  • Outsmarts its Competitors
  • Increases Visibility & Awareness
  • Increases Leads for More Sales

An intelligent website is one that is well planned, flawlessly executed, and built with leading-edge tech.


  • Attracts the Right Audience
  • Educates and Inspires Action
  • Increases Customer Loyalty

A deliberate website is designed consciously and intentionally, every page serving a specific purpose.


  • Reduces Costs
  • Increases Search Rankings
  • Improves User Experience

An accountable website is one that can be measured using SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely.

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Ida™ in Action

An intelligent, deliberate, and accountable website can communicate your effectiveness as a business and build credibility for continued success. Check out the Ida™ websites we’ve built for past and present clients below.

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  • A Growth Path Forward
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