Spoiler Alert: “We are the champions!”

Before heading to France, the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Champions had one goal: to win their fourth title. We watched them break records, play as a team, and bring their A game. All while listening to criticism for celebrating in their style.

Putting aside the records the team broke on the field, we also watched their performance break records across multi-media outlets.

Here are the viewing metrics:

Our guess: the 2023 WWC will have a higher streaming audience than broadcast.

On Google, you can see where search interest in the past week skyrockets around the July 7 final:

And, as far as teams go, the US held strong search interest the final week of the tournament, check out the graphic provided by Google Trends below:

Where were you when you watched the US take the victory? And, how did you keep up with the action?

Me? I was at my mom’s house, in Tennessee with my immediate family cheering, searching all the questions popping up in my head, and following the conversations on @GlennonDoyle‘s Instagram posts to learn about “the soccer.”

All-in-all, it was a big tournament for the US women’s national team, FIFA WWC records, and TV ratings across the US –


Best ad we saw:

Nike’s “Never Stop Winning” video campaign. “If they win. We win,” Nike.

Header image source: Insider.com by Getty Images

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