How We Increased a Landing Page Conversion Rate by 78%

A conversion rate is the percentage of a landing page’s users that take the desired action on that page. It’s also an excellent way to measure the effectiveness and usability of website content.

When we observed that one of our clients’ advertising landing pages had a lower conversion rate than expected, we knew we needed to act quickly to improve results. So, we moved into a Growth Driven Design (GDD) Build Sprint to identify the best way to optimize the landing page to improve the conversion rate.

The Result

  • Increased conversion rate to 7.19%
    1. Mobile increased to 9.06%
    2. Desktop/tablet increased to 5.02%
  • In comparing Q1 to Q2 GDD
    1. Increased conversions by 41.67%
    2. Reduced cost-per-conversion (CPC) by 12.08%
    3. Increased conversion rate by 78.21%

Please continue reading to learn more about our approach, Growth-Driven Design (GDD) Build Sprint, and the changes we ideated and implemented to achieve success.

The Challenge

At New Path, we take an AI-assisted approach to digital marketing and advertising that involves people so that we interpret data within a human context. This approach allows us to make recommendations and decisions for our client’s benefit, not the advertising or web platforms they use. This approach involves a team of digital marketing and advertising strategists, SEO experts, and account executives.

During one of our regular and routine advertising and website performance monitoring sessions, we observed that one of our insurance company clients had a landing page that wasn’t giving users the experience (UX) they wanted.

Visitors who arrived at our client’s Simple Guide Landing Page as a result of Google Pay-Per-Click (PCC) ads were not finding the information they needed. The data showed that these visitors chose to navigate to the home page instead of scrolling down or downloading the Simple Guide.

We know, through the development of solid personas, organic and paid search research, and heat mapping data that the client’s target audience is:

  • Looking for information found within the Simple Guide
  • Interested in this specific insurance firm’s product

With this knowledge, we hypothesized that we could optimize the landing page to deliver an increased landing page conversion rate of 5% by:

  • Adding clarity around the Simple Guide
  • Highlighting potential learnings and benefits by downloading the Simple Guide

Growth-Driven Design

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a quick way to develop and grow a website that:

  • Performs better than what one already has
  • Provides a launch-pad foundation on which to grow
  • Allows the collection of data from real users to inform decisions
  • Focuses on an agile continuous improvement process

The GDD process allows teams to drive results faster by:

  • Getting more done in less time
  • Removing bottlenecks
  • Empowering the team to take action
  • Focusing on strategic priorities

The GDD process happens in three distinct phases:

  • Strategy
    The team develops an understanding of the target audience’s world and how the website can solve problems in their buying journey.
  • Launch Pad
    A Launch Pad website performs better than what existed before, is rapidly developed and launched, and is not a final product. The site becomes the foundation on which the team builds and optimizes.
  • Continuous Improvement
    The team uses an agile process to identify the most impactful website elements to optimize to achieve website goals. Each quarter the GDD team:

    1. Reviews and confirms the current focus and objectives of the organization
    2. Collects and reviews data and research on the user experience (UX)
    3. Brainstorms potential action items
    4. Develops and prioritizes a wish list of action items
    5. Sets a Build Sprint with the top action items

Organizations that use a GDD approach to their website within six months experience on average:

  • 9% more leads
  • 2% more revenue
  • 1% more visits

The GDD Build Sprint

The GDD Build Sprint is where the team identifies all the steps to collaborate and develop the deliverables to test on website users. This Sprint includes the development of working prototypes based on the identified user problems and proposed wish list items.

As part of this process, we identified that the best opportunity to increase the overall conversion rate to 5% was to:

  • Focus on visitors using mobile devices
  • Add clarity around the Simple Guide across all device types
  • Highlight potential learnings and benefits by downloading the Simple Guide
  • Develop and implement website testing within two weeks
  • Run website test for four weeks

The original Simple Guide landing page included a:

  • Hero image
  • Headline over the Hero image
  • Subhead over the Hero image
  • Short form over the Hero Image
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) button over the hero image
    original landing page design

The modified Simple Guide landing:

  • Removed the subhead over the hero image replacing it with copy that added clarity to the Simple Guide Content and encouraged visitors to download the Simple Guide.
  • Added copy beneath the CTA that outlined our client’s commitment to protecting visitors’ privacy.
  • Added a call-out box over the Hero image referencing the insurance firm’s 5 Star Rating.
    Growth Driven Design Landing Page Mock-up

The Testing Period

With the landing page optimization, we quickly saw results over the four-week testing period. In addition to the results listed at the beginning of this case study, we observed the following:

  • Decreased visitor interaction on “Not sure where to start?” content (down 30%)
  • Increased interaction on key benefits of the insurance plans (up 27%)
  • Increased conversions on mobile devices (283.3%)
  • Decreased conversion cost on mobile devices (down 21.5%)
  • Increased visitor interaction on FAQ sections

These results informed our decision to retain this content adjustment and test and apply those learnings to other landing pages.

Improve Your Landing Page Effectiveness

Delighting your customers and prospective customers starts with creating exceptional website experiences, allowing you to grow your business.

New Path Digital can help you work smarter, not harder, so you can get found online and generate the leads your business needs to increase profitability.

Whether you want to improve brand recognition, generate leads, or increase sales, New Path has your back so you grow into the future. Ready to start maximizing your advertising investments? Contact us today or view Our Services to learn more about our offerings.

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