Managed Data Warehousing

Organizations can store and analyze large amounts of data in a centralized, optimized, and cost-effective manner with minimal management effort.

The Future of Data-Driven Marketing is Here

Organizations that properly categorize and evaluate their data within the framework of a Data Strategy will find themselves on the path to success, gaining a decisive edge over their competitors by unlocking powerful, valuable knowledge.

  • Improve Data Quality
  • Identify Data-Driven Opportunities
  • Reduce Data Redundancy
  • Save Personnel Time
  • Scale As Your Business Grows
  • Seize Hidden Opportunities
  • Strengthen Marketing Performance


  • Improve Data Quality
  • Reduce Data Redundancy
  • Scale As Your Business Grows

Centralize, clean, standardize, and store data from multiple sources to make it easier to access and analyze.


  • Identify Data-Driven Opportunities
  • Seize Hidden Opportunities
  • Strengthen Marketing Performance

Optimize data for real-time retrieval of advanced analytics to make better data-informed decisions.


  • Encrypt Sensitive Data
  • Control Access
  • Backup Routines
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitor System Logs
  • Comply with Industry-Specific Regulations such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS

Ensure data is private, retained, and used in a consistent and compliant manner.


  • Track Campaign Performance
  • Make Data-Driven Optimizations Quickly
  • Segment Your Audiences
  • Inform Personalized Advertising Strategies

Increase effectiveness of marketing by uncovering data-informed insights that lead to more relevant effective advertising.

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Managed Data Warehousing for Less Than You Might Think

Starting at just $1,250 per month for accounts with 20 connectors and unlimited rows.

Custom plans available. 

Data Connectors Available

Additional connectors available on a per connector charge.

TikTok Ads
Snapchat ads
Pinterest Ads
LinkedIn Advertising
HubSpot CRM
Google Sheets
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Google My Business
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Display and Video 360
Campaign Manager 360
Call Rail
Bing Ads
Amazon DSP

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