About Us

About Us

Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

We’ve got your back.
To the future.

We are a digital marketing and advertising agency that exists to discover and create meaningful connections.

This manifests in several ways:

  • Connect team members to work and enrichment opportunities that maximize their strengths and interests.
  • Connect clients with leading-edge talent, tools, and strategies that will help grow their business.
  • Connect client messaging with high priority audiences

Our Mission

To remove friction between forward-thinking businesses and their implementation of modern marketing and advertising systems.

What We Do

We develop and execute consumer-focused marketing and advertising strategies that influence consumer purchase decisions.

We specialize in the development of “path-to-purchase” models that learn, adapt, and increase the effectiveness of our client’s marketing and advertising investments.

How We Do It

We excel at what we do by staying true to three fundamental principles:

  1. Understand our client’s business and help them identify and focus on their most valuable customers.
  2. Educate and Invest in ourselves, our stakeholders, and in tools and technology to stay on the leading-edge as our industry continues to evolve.
  3. Challenge the way we reach and communicate with consumers.

We execute around 4 pillars of services:

  • people-first marketing
  • tech-forward development
  • ai-assisted advertising
  • data-driven decisions

Technology is evolving faster than humans can possibly adopt it. Our pathfinder™ process was designed to provide businesses with a customized map to digital maturity.

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Our Team

Elizabeth Yocum

Account Executive

Margaret Bell

Media Director

Christopher Whitesell

President & Founder

Andrew Brehm

Senior Account Manager

Devvkanth Musunuru

Marketing Data Analyst

Kerry Blake

Digital Marketing Specialist II