“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
– Sun Tzu

Don’t get left.
Take the right path.

Technology is evolving faster than humans can possibly adopt it.  This has resulted in a widening gap between the digital haves and have nots.

The good news; growth is around the bend for those organizations who commit fully to digital transformation.

Illuminate your path to digital maturity

Our pathfinder™ process was designed to provide a customized roadmap that leads forward-thinking businesses into the future.

pathfinder™ process:
The outcome is income.

Listen. Learn more.

Knowing where you’re going is important.  To set a realistic path forward, you must also know where you are starting from.

We will work with you to inventory the current state of your marketing and advertising and assess the organization level of digital maturity.  This is where we will begin to define what success looks like [if not already established].

Focus. What matters most?

A critical step on the path to digital maturity is identifying and understanding your most valuable customers.

We will work with you to develop a well-researched persona and path-to-purchase models that will help guide future marketing and advertising efforts – from content and creative development, to paid media and measuring the impact.

New way. Do more.

Since technology is continually advancing, it is essential to have a solid strategy that helps you evaluate MarTech resource allocation. It is easy to get distracted by something simply because it is new.

That’s why we evaluate custom solutions for our clients that will solve for marketing and advertising management, digital asset maintenance and governance, and data aggregation and visualization.

Strategy. Delivered.

Alignment across marketing and advertising tactics is critically important to maximize impact and ROI.

New Path uses all of the inputs from pathfinder™ discovery, research, and ConnecTECH™ to create customized strategy documents for clients.  The outputs of this phase will likely include website redesign recommendations, content roadmaps, media, and creative briefs, and measurement architecture and tagging plans.

New Path seeks to remove the friction between forward-thinking businesses and their implementation of modern marketing and advertising systems. Pathfinder™ is a collaborative approach that is customized and unique to each client based on their goals, existing assets, strategy and research

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Less show.
More go.

We execute around 4 pillars
of services.

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