Programmatic Media Buying

As machine learning and artificial intelligence technology continues to advance,  programmatic media buying is an essential key

Real-Time Bidding

The digital world is fast-moving. Consumers move constantly and quickly from site to site, platform to platform. New Path uses real-time bidding (RTB) to make sure we can capture your target audience as they move about in the digital world. RTB has taken an old, plodding manual process of purchasing ad space and re-imagined it into a blazingly fast digital process. The process is easy and straightforward: whenever an individual refreshes or loads a new page, advertisers negotiate with the publisher digitally to display their ad through RTB. It takes only a fraction of a second to complete the process, before the page even loads. RTB is based on algorithms with manual negotiations replaced by digital technology. Never again will you have dozens of touch points to activate your campaign.

RTB is much more exact and targeted than other forms of advertising. It will work with any size budget, from the smallest to the largest imaginable while targeting your audience at a very deep level.

Advertisers can make the most of their advertising budget by targeting the segments of their audience most likely to engage with their advertisements and purchasing that ad space in real-time as users are opening new web pages.

Demand Side Platform

‘Demand Side Platform’ (DSP) is a vital part of the digital marketing’s new world and New Path’s in-house DSP+ allows greater transparency and performance controls. 

What is demand side platform? Simply put, DSP helps marketers reach specific audience segments by automating bidding across multiple ad exchanges. Ad inventory can include banner ads, mobile ads, and in-stream video.

DSPs are also used to work within ad exchanges to make ad purchases in an automated efficient way. The platforms can also offer other analytic benefits. 

And exactly what is an ad exchange? It is sort of like a digital grocery store, a market for buying and selling ads and ad placement. Publishers sell ad space available and advertisers bid in real time to buy those spaces.

Publishers have their version of a DSP in the supply side platform (SSP). It allows publishers (a website or other digital platform that consumers visit) the opportunity to sell to interested buyers in the ad exchange. 

New Path clients have access to the best of both agency worlds –the efficiency and cost savings of enterprise level systems but the personalized service of a custom agency that allows clients to stay nimble as market conditions shift. 

Find out how New Path can start using programmatic media buying with your organization!

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As machine learning and artificial intelligence technology continues to advance,  programmatic media buying is an essential key to automated marketing. It gives an advertiser access to the largest assortment of ad space in real time and it gives predictive outcomes that evolve over time. The ability to purchase digital ad space through one technology has streamlined and simplified the process of bidding and buying.

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