Digital Advertising Leads to 26% Growth in Law Firm Caseload

With competition for clients fierce among North Carolina law firms, our client’s investments in traditional marketing had reached peak performance and, as a result, their weekly caseload flattened. They turned to us to identify strategic digital marketing initiatives that could generate more clients.

The Result

By investing in multi-channel digital marketing — in conjunction with existing traditional marketing — a small law firm with regional operations was able to:

  • Increase income by 28% year-over-year
  • Increase signed cases by 26% year-over-year
  • Reduce paid search cost-per-lead by 26% (despite a 30% increase in cost-per-click (CPC) driven by increased competition)

To learn more about how this law firm achieved success, read on.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing — also known as online marketing — is a phrase used to identify all marketing activities on the internet. It uses digital technologies to promote products and services. It can take many forms, including:

Growing Our Legal Client’s Caseload

Our client has a long history of strategic advertising, but their traditional advertising effectiveness had peaked. Our advertising data analysis showed that increased investments in traditional advertising would deliver diminishing returns.

After assessing their digital marketing opportunities, we proposed and implemented a multi-channel digital marketing plan (in coordination with their traditional marketing plan) to generate more leads and new clients. These channels included:

Paid Search

With 93% of online experiences starting within a search engine, it’s no wonder that Pay-per-Click (PPC) is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive leads and sales growth. Centered around keywords, paid search advertising is a form of digital media buying where one pays search engines such as Google or Bing for ad space on their Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 
Ads can appear above or below organic search results, and on Google Maps as Local Listings, YouTube, and other keyword-related environments.

Legal Directory Listings

Online Legal Directories are databases of attorneys that people can use to search for lawyers, firms, and firm practice areas. Additionally, these listings can help increase legal websites’ rankings on search engine results because of the quality backlinks they provide.

Legal directories are one of the first places people look for law firm recommendations. And if your associates or firm works with people who speak languages other than English, there are directory listings that target specific languages.

Local Service Ads

Local service ads help you connect with people near your location who are looking for the services you offer. Ads are generated from your profile, and you pay per lead, not per click. Prospective customers can click on the ad and review your services, business hours, and other details, and they can send messages directly to you or give you a call.

Call Tracking

Call tracking uses technology to digitally track where calls originate by attributing them to specific advertisements, locations, or websites. A phone number is created and assigned to a location, and it forwards to your regular business line when it’s called. This service can provide insight into the following: 

    • Marketing Effectiveness 
    • Buyer’s Path-to-Purchase 
    • Team and Individual Effectiveness 

Additionally, calls can be recorded for training to improve lead conversions and optimize marketing tactics. 

Display Ads

Display ads can be static images, animated images, or videos displayed to users on websites. When users view and click these ads, they are directed to a page of your choosing on your website. These ads drive website visits and can be served to those most likely interested in your product or services.

Online Reputation Management

People today trust what others have to say, and so does Google. Effectively managing your reputation online can boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and increase your credibility. Actively seeking authentic reviews provides you with feedback on your business, increasing your credibility.

Google Screened Badge

Google Screened Badges quickly serve as a stamp of approval for professional services such as lawyers, financial specialists, and real estate firms. The business must undergo a background check by Google to verify that appropriate licenses are active, and the business is in good standing.  

Incorporating these channels into this law firm’s marketing efforts allowed us to:

  • build online credibility,
  • deliver advertisements where their target audiences spend time online,
  • track which advertisements performed best, and
  • optimize the advertising campaign to take advantage of channels with the best performance.

Curious How Your Business or Law Firm Could Benefit from Digital Marketing?

The demands being put on marketing departments these days are staggering. Companies of all sizes struggle to deploy the right tools and talent to move their business forward intelligently.

To meet businesses where they are on their path to digital maturity, we have developed a four-pillar service model that provides flexibility and “plug and play” clarity in how we can partner to create lasting value.

Whether you need to advance your digital media buying practice, make your website more effective, or you’re struggling to aggregate and understand your data – we are here to help move you forward.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free consultation. 

*Comparison period Q2 – 2021 to Q2 – 2022

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