One year after implementing our strategy, the firm achieved impressive results: 

  • 2,400 Page Visits 
    The redesigned careers page attracted significant candidate interest.
  • 83% Content Engagement 
    Content resonated with visitors, encouraging them to learn more about the firm.
  • 70 Downloads – Working Here Brochure 
    Employment candidates downloaded a key human resources brochure and asked to be contacted about employment.
  • 4 New Hires 
    The firm successfully filled open positions across various departments.
  • 3 New Attorneys 
    The strategy specifically attracted high-caliber legal talent. 


A regional personal injury law firm needed to attract top talent across all employment levels, including office staff, paralegals, and attorneys to meet the demands of its rapid client growth. Their existing website was designed to attract new clients and lacked a comprehensive careers section that adequately communicated the firm’s unique offerings as an employer.


New Path Digital partnered with the law firm and its writing team to develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy centered around their website. We implemented the following:

  • Engaging Content Strategy
    We replaced static text with informative and captivating multimedia content that resonated with potential candidates.
  • Culture Corner
    We highlighted the firm’s culture, fostering a sense of community and purpose for potential employees.
  • Growth Mindset
    We emphasized the firm’s commitment to professional development, showcasing opportunities for employees to learn and advance.
  • Aligned Goals
    We connected the firm’s goals with those of potential hires, demonstrating a collaborative and motivating environment.
  • A Day in the Life
    Behind-the-scenes videos showcase the day-to-day experiences within each role, giving applicants a realistic glimpse into the work.
  • Employee Voices
    We featured employee testimonials, providing a genuine perspective on the firm’s work environment.
  • Benefits at a Glance
    We offered a downloadable brochure highlighting the firm’s benefits package, community service initiatives, and other attractive perks.
  • Streamlined Application Process
    We outlined clear steps and expressed appreciation for candidate interest.

Employer of Choice

By focusing on employee experience and showcasing the firm’s unique culture, we helped them establish themselves as an employer of choice. The redesigned website functions as a powerful recruitment tool, attracting qualified candidates and propelling the firm towards a successful hiring year.

Impressive Results

  • 2,400 Page Visits 
  • 83% Content Engagement 
  • 70 Downloads – Working Here Brochure 
  • 4 New Hires 
  • 3 New Attorneys 

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